SIMCO is India’s well established supplier of Step & Scan UV/EUV mass production system for design rules ranging from 0.4micron to 13.5nm VLSI devices together with Optical Mask Aligners, Laser-beam direct writer systems for development & manufacturing of VLSI devices, MEMS/Sensors, GaN/GaAs semiconductor devices like LED/HEMT/Solar cells, Photonic devices, Integrated Optics, Micro-Fluidics, to Advanced Laboratories and Industries. These tools are critical to the development & production of integrated circuits or chips with design rule down to 10nm pattern size. SIMCO offers to its customers an expertise and know-how on Lithography Technology by offering its full range from Optical to Laser beam based Lithography equipment as well as providing full technical support services based for such advanced equipments.

The company offers a broad portfolio of field-proven products that include Mask Aligners, UV Exposure systems, UV Light sources, Solar Simulators, I-V Tester. Also available are high-performance, fully-automated Mask Aligners that delivers ultra precise, Front side/Backside, sub-micron alignment and resolution for MEMS/ASIC/LED & micro-fluidics & large Flat Panel Displays applications. Nano-Imprint option is also available.

SIMCO offers world most advanced Step & Scan UV/EUV mass production system for design rules ranging from 0.4micron to 13.5nm VLSI devices.

Also available are range of Direct Laser Writer for pattern size down to 0.5micron for substrate size upto 300mmx 300mm substrates/wafers. Due its high depth of focus for stability of focussing point, it offers best performance for thick photo-resisted coated substrates to realise large aspect ratio microstructures. Specially for micro-fluidic application, full application package can be offered.

In order to complete the Lithography activity, customer will need a Spin Coater for coating very precise thick layer of Photo-resists onto the substrates. Such coatings can only deposited by a low vibration Spin Motor having least wobble in its shaft and high acceleration capability. SIMCO can offer such Spin Coaters.

Customer sometimes will need a wet etching equipment to etch Inorganic (Au, Cu layers) and Organics layers (Photoresist) deposited on the substrates and as well as Cleaning/Drying of the substrate. The system offered is programmable to do all such operations like Etch, Clean & Dry and also multiple of such operations in single program.